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NeuCyte Presents at AAIC on the Progress of our Alzheimer’s Platform.

At AAIC 2022 in San Diego, NeuCyte presented a poster, “Development of iPSC-derived Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) platforms for phenotypic screening”. Through the poster, we described the development of iPSC-derived platforms of AD that can be used to screen for preclinical targets and drug candidates.  


The foundation of these platforms utilizes a proprietary method for the generation of pure populations of either NGN2-based excitatory and ASCL1/DLX2 inhibitory neurons.  We developed a neuron/astrocyte co-culture system to uncover APOE4-specific electrophysiological phenotypes. We also reported the development of a transgenic tau overexpression model, which caused neuron-neuron Tau transmission and other tauopathy phenotype. Taken together, these phenotypic assays demonstrate the utility of NeuCyte platforms that can be applied to high-throughput drug screening efforts for Alzheimer’s disease. 

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