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Meet Us at SOT 2023 and
See How NeuCyte is Modernizin
g Neurotoxicity Assessment 
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Join our scientific presentation

Exhibitor hosted session:
Next Generation Simplified iPSC Neuron-Based Neurotoxicity Assessment Assay with Affordability and Efficiency

March 21, 2023 

 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM 

 Room 101D 

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HiPSC-based systems more closely resemble human biology than animal models and can provide a number of advantages in ethics, efficiency, and predictive power. NeuCyte is dedicated to developing in vitro assays for quantitative assessment of neurological liabilities of compounds using hiPSC-derived neural co-cultures. 

Here we present the development of both MEA (microelectrode array)- and Ca imaging-based assays for predicting compounds’ neurotoxicity risks at various doses, from assay design to data processing and interpretation. We will also share how our methodology developed so far demonstrated a better correlation with known clinical data compared to animal-based systems. Such development may expedite the modernization of risk assessment of pharmaceutical and environmental compounds.


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Hui Liu

Hui Liu, PhD  

Head of Drug Discovery, NeuCyte

Martin Nicolson, PhD  

Lead Scientist, NeuCyte  

Wine, Beer and Nashville-inspired sweets and snacks will be provided!

Visit our booth and see what's new from NeuCyte  

Get a copy of our fresh-off-the-press joint application note with Maxwell Biosystems on long-term functional characterization of SynFire® iN/glia co-cultures on the MaxTwo HD MEA platform. The seeding protocol is also available.

Meet us at the Stem Cell Specialty Section Excellence in Research Award Reception

Jointly sponsored by Axion Biosystems and NeuCyte

When: 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM, March 20, 2023  

Where: Broadway Ballroom K, Omni Nashville Hotel

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