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Angela Murchison

Platform Development Lead

Angela leads NeuCyte’s Cell Production team, where she works on efficiently producing new batches of iNs and related platforms to discover the newest and most directed therapies for neurological diseases. She is passionate about efficiency and making small changes that have far reaching impacts. Angela is excited to make the highest quality cells for researchers and can’t wait to see what discoveries are made using the platforms. 

Angela received her Bachelor of Science in Human Biology from UC San Diego. Prior to joining NeuCyte, Angela worked at LifeNet Health, where she developed cell-based assays for the optimization of bioimplants and created new cellular platforms for drug screening and disease modeling. 

Outside of the lab, Angela enjoys hiking and rock climbing. She has hiked a lot in the Shenandoah and has been discovering the local hiking spots. Angela mostly rock climbs indoors and is looking forward to the outdoor climbing the Bay Area has to offer.


Angela Murchison
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