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Dominique Lessard, PhD

Head of Business Development

Dominique Lessard is the Corporate Development Lead at NeuCyte where she applies her expertise in network growth and development, science communication, and science-driven advocacy to lead outreach efforts and manage strategic partnerships. She is passionate about using the power of collaborative, team-based scientific inquiry to drive disease-specific therapeutic development, particularly in the field of rare neurological disease.


Prior to NeuCyte, Dominique worked as Chief Science Officer for KIF1A.ORG where she built a global, collaborative research network, led research engagement and science communication strategies, and advocated for the KIF1A Associated Neurological Disorder rare disease community. Dominique received her PhD at the University of Vermont under Dr. Christopher Berger focused on elucidating molecular level regulation of axonal transport in the context of neurogenerative diseases. 


Dominique has many hobbies outside of work including hiking, running, gluten-free baking,Olympic weightlifting, and going on outdoor adventures with her family.


Dominique Lessard, PhD
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