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Hui Liu, PhD

Director of Drug Discovery

Hui Liu, PhDDirector of Drug Discovery​Hui leads the Drug Discovery R&D for the Epilepsy and Fragile X Syndrome programs at NeuCyte. His passion for discovering medicines that will help patients truly drives his efforts in creating new approaches and opportunities for CNS drug discovery using human neurons. Prior to joining NeuCyte, Hui worked for top drug discovery companies such as Discovery Partners International, Biofocus-DPI,Nanosyn, and Dart NeuroScience. 

Hui received his Bachelor of Science in Medicinal Chemistry from Beijing Medical University, and his PhD in Organic Chemistry from Wesleyan University. Following his graduate studies, Hui was a postdoctoral fellow at Dartmouth College, where he studied the development of a novel methodology and total synthesis of macrocycle corrin, the “core” of vitamin B₁₂, and other tetrapyrrole compounds for  phototherapy. 

Hui has several hobbies that he partakes in outside of the lab. He loves to hike in the woods and mountains, but equally enjoys going for walks on the beach. He has traveled most of the East Coast to explore major landmarks,and currently frequents Utah and Arizona. Hui also follows many sports teams, mainly the New York Yankees, New England Patriots, and the Chinese Women’s National Volleyball team.


Hui Liu, PhD
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