Bridging the Drug Discovery Path

with Translatable Neuroscience

The high attrition rate of novel CNS drugs during clinical development has been a major challenge to the pharmaceutical industry. This is largely attributed to the lack of biologically relevant models to study functional links between target and phenotype.

NeuCyte’s mission is to accelerate and optimize CNS drug discovery by developing more predictive assays and platforms for phenotypic screening.

SynFire   Technology Platform


Based on the advantageous SynFire technology for generating human induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC)-derived induced neuronal cells (iNs), NeuCyte has developed a proprietary in vitro human neural platform for complex electrophysiological and morphological readouts suited for target identification and validation, efficacy testing and neurotoxicity assessment.


Using patient-derived and genetically engineered defined neural cell types, NeuCyte builds unique cell-based assays for modeling neurological and neurodegenerative disorders.


Our Drug Discovery Programs

With our proprietary technology platform and exciting collaborations, NeuCyte is actively pursuing drug discovery programs for several genetically defined neurological diseases.

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